Santa Clara County contract for new voting equipment

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application/text README
April 29, 2003, Board of Supervisors agenda item #30. Unfortunately, except for the Transmittal, all the PDF files are scanned images and therefore not searchable.
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application/pdf item30.0.transmittal.pdf
Note especially page 10. "System Features".
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application/pdf item30.attA.pdf
The Agreement plus Exhibits A through G. Note especially item 28 on page 11, and section 6.4 on page 22 of Exhibit B (p46 of PDF file). (Item 33 on pages 13-14 may be of interest, too.)
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application/pdf item30.attB.pdf
Exhibit H (Escrow Agreement)
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application/pdf item30.attC.pdf
VVPAT pilot request
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application/pdf item30.attD.pdf
Draft Workplan
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application/pdf item30.attE.pdf
RoV's DRE Project Timeline
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Santa Clara County Request for Proposals for new voting equipment

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application/pdf ExhibitA_Insurance_Requirements.pdf
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application/pdf ExhibitD_Designation_of_Sub_Contractors.pdf
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application/pdf ExhibitE_Liquidated_Damages.pdf
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application/pdf ExhibitR_Customer_References.pdf
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application/pdf ExhibitT_Non_Collusion_Declaration.pdf
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application/pdf ROV_RFP_071802.pdf
The main document; see item 5 on page 12 (p13 of the PDF file)
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application/pdf ROV_RFP_Attachment1_System_Requirements.pdf
See items 9 and 10 on page 1.
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application/pdf ROV_RFP_Attachment_2_Proposal_Price_Summary.pdf
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application/pdf ROV_Standard_TandCs.pdf
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