If you can check off all of the items below, then you are well positioned for a high profile campaign.

_____ We have a target jurisdiction, and a target reform.

_____ We've drawn up draft language.

_____ If we are forming a coalition for this campaign, we've drawn up a list of the groups that we want in the coalition, and a plan on getting them in it.

_____ The coalition is built, and ready to move on the campaign.

_____ We have met with a political consultant.

______ We have a list of endorsements to target, and a realistic plan on how to get these endorsements.

______ We have a realistic plan for getting the measure on the ballot.

______ We have a realistic plan for how we will get a majority of the votes.

______ We have a realistic fundraising plan.

______ We have a reaslitic volunteer recruitment and coordination plan.

______ We know our main message, and how we will communicate it.

_____ We meet with key supporters and crucial potential endorsers, to discuss and finalize the language. The language appears to have broad consensus among our supporters. Since we are going to have a fight on our hands, our supporters must be unified. The language is finalized.

_____ We have pledge cards for all of the signatures, volunteer time, and money that we will need.


All of the above are true let's start the campaign!