Frequently Asked Questions about Full (Proportional) Representation Methods
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Answers regarding single-winner methods are elsewhere.

#1) What is Proportional Representation?
#2) How can I become part of the movement for PR?
#4) Where is PR used in the US and Canada?
#5) What are the main types of PR?
#9) Isn't PR really complicated?
#10) How is a choice voting election tallied?
#11) Wouldn't PR be expensive to administer?
#12) What books/periodicals do you recommend people read?
#14) What countries use PR?
#15) What are the claimed advantages of PR?
#16) What are the claimed disadvantages of PR?
#20) What non-governmental groups use PR or IRV?
#21) Doesn't Arrow's Theorem prove that all voting methods are flawed?
#22) What software is available to process PR elections?
#23) What hardware is available to process PR elections?
#26) Isn't PR the same as the Parliamentary System of Government?
#27) Isn't proportional representation really a quota system?
#28) How would PR work in California's Assembly?
#29) Where is Cumulative Voting used in the U.S.?
#30) When was PR first invented? And when was it first used?
#31) How does PR result in more positive, issue-oriented election campaigns?