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Voice for Democracy

Newsletter of Californians for Electoral Reform

Spring 2008

CfER's Local Option Bill Advances to the Governor

For the first time ever, a CfER sponsored bill passed both houses and went to the Governor's desk. AB 1294 would have allowed all cities in California to use Instant Runoff Voting and Choice Voting for their local elections. It would also have codified language in the Elections Code on how IRV and CV elections would be counted in California. Rob Dickinson shepherded this bill through both houses, with the help of many other activists. Overall, this was a great achievement for us.

Unfortunately, Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill. We believe he vetoed it because it the Republican legislative position was to oppose it. So, we are now reaching out even more to Republicans, and will wait until we have more support there or a new governor before reintroducing AB 1294.

Meanwhile, we have a good relationship with the new Secretary of State, and are helping them put together directives on how to count IRV and CV elections. These directives wouldn't require legislation; they would simply be issued by the Secretary of State.

Jim Lindsay

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