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share ideas and strategize about PR as we go into the 21st century. We will have a demonstration at the meeting by one of our members, Russ Paielli, of his graphics user interface program for PR elections using a computer terminal. It can now handle multi-languages and write-ins. And the AGM will be followed by a party with great food provided by Marda Stothers.

Sometimes it's necessary to just get away to brainstorm and have in-depth discussions on particular topics. That's what we will be doing at our first ever NCCPR retreat. It will be on Saturday, June 9, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Point Bonita YMCA in the Marin headlands.

We will make plans for the retreat at the AGM, so please plan to attend both events. Let us know by phone or e-mail if you are planning to attend the retreat so we can give you directions and organize carpooling.

See you in May and June!

Betty Traynor and Barbara Blong, Co-Presidents


You will notice we've expanded our jurisdiction from 'Alameda County' to 'East Bay,' adding Contra Costa in the process. This way we can help PR develop in Contra Costa County, which doesn't yet have a chapter.

CAMPAIGNS: Our exploration of a local campaign in Oakland or Berkeley has turned up two exciting developments:

1) We are helping the League of Women Voters develop a study plan for implementation of IRV in single seat elections in Albany, Berkeley, and Emeryville. Successful completion of this study could be crucial to a local push to implement IRV and PR. We will need to offer support to the League (perhaps even chair the study) so please contact us if you would be interested in participating.

2) In Oakland, ACORN has decided the time may be right for a campaign, and they are holding a PR coalition kickoff April 15th. Jim and David will attend this and report back on the role EBCPR may play.


NCCPR's series of workshops continues Saturday, April 24th. Steve Chessin, NCCPR's VP for State and National Campaigns, and the architect of the remarkable Measure F victory last November, will be leading the workshop.

The workshop will be on how to get endorsements from organizations. The focus will be on getting endorsements for PR and IRV, of course, but the workshop will be helpful no matter what cause one is working on.

If you are planning to attend, contact Jim Stauffer at, or call him at 408/432-9148. It is free for CPR members, $20 for non-members.

ELECTION EQUIPMENT : Some of you may have seen the reports of the recent Piedmont election in which 12 Accu-Touch touch-screen voting machines were put to the test. By all reports, the equipment passed muster, and we can hope to see growing acceptance of these technologies - crucial to future implementation of PR/IRV. In particular, it seems clear now that Alameda County will purchase and use a touch screen system - very good news.

ONGOING: PR SPEAKERS : John Reynolds gave a presentation to the local LWV chapter which seems to have motivated them to pursue the study proposal mentioned above. Excellent work, John!

Remember we've got a number of speakers ready to talk to your local groups. Just give us at least a couple of weeks warning, we'll get a speaker out there. Schools, political groups, community groups, unions, churches, community leaders, elected officials, etc., are all good targets.)

ONGOING: WHERE'S PR? If you hear about groups that use PR, or see/hear references to it in the media, let us know!

ONGOING: PR IN COLLEGES: Steve Barnes, a student at Univ. Wisconsin-Oshkosh successfully got his school to join Cal, UW-Madison, and Stanford in using PR to elect its student government.

ONGOING: HIGH SCHOOL CURRICULUM: We continue to explore developing a high school PR curriculum that meets state educational standards while incorporating innovative affective learning techniques. We've identified the relevant state standards and have been pleasantly surprised to find a few textbooks with useful PR content.

MEETINGS: We covered most of the above topics at the March 11 chapter meeting. Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 29, from 7-9 pm, at David Greene's home in Berkeley: 2915-A Wheeler (510/841-6761). We'll send an agenda and directions as the date approaches.

Also, please keep your membership current by paying your dues!

THANK YOU: To Melinda Bury for getting our meetings publicized on KPFA! To Jack Shonkwiler, John Reynolds, and Les Radke for hosting the recent chapter meetings.

-- David Greene & Jim Lindsay

Contact me at 510/527-8025 or, if you'd like to co-coordinate or you have ideas on how to get a chapter started in your area.

Jim Lindsay, VP, Local Chapters

(More Local Chapter news next newletter!)

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