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Guide to Using PR in Your Local Organization

So, you want to use PR (proportional representation) and IRV (instant runoff voting) in your local organization? You need the following:

Information on When Using PR and IRV are Likely to be Helpful

Choice Voting, the kind of PR that works best for non-partisan elections, is appropriate when you have a multi-member body, like a council, executive board, or board of directors to elect. Choice Voting will result in everyone feeling that they have a voice at the table, without thwarting the will of the majority. This can be very helpful in resolving disputes and providing for greater unity in your organzation.

Instant Runoff Voting is for single-winner elections. It is appropriate when you have contested elections with at least 3 candidates. With IRV, the winner will have majority support, but you won't have to deal with a runoff election.

Language for Your By-Laws

Your By-laws do not need to specify every little detail of how PR and IRV works. By-Laws are best kept brief and high level. What they must do is define PR and IRV, and then your Board of Directors will adopt specific procedures for how to run the election. In other documents, we provide suggested language for your By-Laws, and suggested procedures for counting the election. See the document, "SUGGESTED BY-LAW AMENDMENT LANGUAGE".

Hand Count or a Computerized Count?