Pictures from Election Reform Events

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2006 CfER Annual General Meeting

Assembly Member Joe
Canciamilla's keynote speech

Canciamilla's attentive

Dressed for the part
at the leadership retreat

Board members relax
at the retreat

Stanford Electoral Reform Conference

John Anderson's address

John Anderson again

Question time

Chris Jerdonek discusses legislation

Dan J.W. mobilizes the troops

Kathryn Ferguson

Global ranked ballot demo

Close-up view of Global touchscreen

Pam Karlan votes

Close-up view of Slocum's lever machine

Sequoia touchscreen

Sequoia touchscreen again

Warren Slocum

Jim Stauffer and his wares

Mischelle Townsend

Fuzzy view of Unilect touchscreen

San Francisco Election Reform Workshop

Steven Hill

IRV demo

(No particular order)

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