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Pro H, which appeared on the ballot in San Francisco (Fall 96) was defeated. These pages contain good explanations of the issues. Please enjoy.

Why VOTE YES on Proposition H
Preference voting is easy for voters
Big money can't dominate elections
Preference voting helps build coalitions
Preference voting is a success around the world
Preference Voting is the best choice for San Francisco's future

Here's the BALLOT ARGUMENT supporting Proposition H

Review the many KEY ENDORSEMENTS supporting Proposition H

The San Francisco Examiner ENDORSES Proposition H.

Read Steven Hill's ARTICLE about the history of Prop H.

Here's an IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS of the problems Proposition H addresses

Preference voting and proportional representation...WHAT IS IT?

Still a little puzzled? Here's a brief Q & A to help

To get a better idea about how to make every vote count, check out the Center for Voting and Democracy, or Douglas Amy's PR Library.

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