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Joining CfER helps show that there is a strong group of committed, politically diverse supporters and activists working for electoral reform in California. It helps us accumulate a modest budget that enables our group to maintain a presence on the political scene and on the web, educate fellow Californians, and keep our group organized and informed.

We have two classes of membership: Associate Member, and Voting Member. All members get the newsletter via email. Associate Membership is free. All we need is the Associate Member's name and email address. Associate Members do not get to vote for or run for the Board of Directors. Voting Membership requires an annual payment of dues. In addition to the Voting Member's name and an email address, we need their USPS mailing address, and (if different from the mailing address) the city and county in which they live. As the name implies, Voting Members get to vote for (and are eligible to run for) the Board of Directors. (Voting Members who lapse in their dues automatically become Associate Members; payment of dues restores Voting Membership.)

If you want to be a Voting Member, you can decide which type of annual membership is best for you:

Sustainer memberships are for those who can contribute more. We have a number of sustainers who contribute between $60 and $600 annually, but we welcome members at standard and low budget rates.

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To join, renew an expired membership, or get more information, use our form or send email to Image of email address unavailable with the information requested on the form. You can also write to us at the address shown above.

We will sign you up as a provisional member immediately, and start sending you newsletters and occasionally other information.

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