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Outreach Page

Community groups

If a group you're affiliated with (political party, union, civic group, club, school, etc.) needs to make a group decision, such as electing a president or board, or just choosing a meeting time and date, please suggest that it make the decision using ranked-choice voting. If you conduct business online, consider using a DemoChoice poll. We can also help you give a presentation to your group on new election methods. If you can convince your group to endorse a formal resolution in support of election reform legislation, this can be extremely valuable in such efforts.

CfER members at UC Davis helped implement multi-winner ranked choice voting there. Their report two elections later reflects efforts to do this and demonstrates the challenges that emerge. K. D. Weinert of Venice successfully campaigned for use of single-winner ranked-choice voting and Cumulative Voting by the Grassroots Venice Neighborhood Council (an advisory group for local government). Be sure to read his well written report.

A CFER member has convinced Stanford's student government (ASSU) to use ranked-choice voting for the selection of its president and vice president. Here is the story behind that.

Rob Latham made a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to the Libertarian Party of California.

We try to keep track of schools and groups in California that use or advocate ranked-choice voting and/or proportional representation methods.

Literature and promotional items

The CfER brochure can be printed and/or photocopied onto two sides of a sheet and folded into thirds for mailing or handing out. Change "pdf" to "ppt" in the address if you need a powerpoint version. It looks like there are no margins, but it should work out OK when printing. However, be sure to test your printing and folding procedure before requesting 500 copies.

The "What is IRV?" pages on this site are designed to be printed out from Internet Explorer. Please do print these, and disseminate widely. A text version is available that can be pasted into email messages. A PDF version of a Cal IRV brochure is available (perfectionists with high-speed connections can try a higher resolution version). Email us if you have trouble printing it.

Other promotional articles are available at the Fairvote,, and links therein. With appropriate permission, you could reprint these in your organization's newsletter. The Center for Voting and Democracy has produced a nice paper brochure, and CfER has many copies of this; contact your local chapter if you want some.

In the 1990s, the Center for Voting and Democracy produced a classic slideshow about proportional representation that was also printed as a booklet. We have scanned the slides and slides with text.

If you can help us create more logos, slogans, brochures, flyers, etc., please do! You can build them from information on this site or add info of your own. We can post it here if you'd like.

Demonstration elections

Use our IRV kit to conduct an IRV election in person at a meeting, or bring a laptop and use DemoChoice, OpaVote, or ChoicePlus software.

Other ways to help

We have a house party program where you can help your friends learn and share ideas about electoral reform.

In general, please discuss election reform informally with your friends. It's usually very easy to make electoral reform part of a cocktail party conversation. Be sure to mention CfER - and if they are enthusiastic, invite them to join us!

Guide to promoting PR within organizations (Microsoft Word format)

Here are proposed bylaws for a group that wants to use PR. (Microsoft Word format)

Here are cards (Microsoft Word format) that individuals can fill out to express their support for PR.

Here are some ideas on spreading the word to colleges and schools (Microsoft Word format) and a worksheet (Microsoft Word format) to keep track of contacts with a school.