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IRV & Proportional Voting in Statewide Organizations

This is a list of some statewide organizations, what their positions on IRV and Proportional Voting are, and how they do their internal elections.

If any information here is missing or incorrect, please send the correct information here.

Statewide Organization Internal Elections Position on IRV Position on Proportional Voting Date For More Info /
To Get Involved
American Independent Party   Endorses Endorses 2005  
Asian Pacific American Legal Center   (Endorsed SB 596)*   May 2005  
California Common Cause   Endorses (Endorses AB 1294*) Endorses (source)   David Holtzman
California Democratic Party (CDP) PR is used for presidential nomination elections. Endorsed No Position? August 2006 Steve Chessin
Californians for Democracy   (Endorsed SB 596)*   May 2005  
California League of Conservation Voters       June 2006 David Holtzman
California NOW (National Organziation of Women) Unknown Unknown Endorses August 2006 Paula Lee
California Teachers Association (CTA)       June 2006 Jim Lindsay
Californians for Electoral Reform (CfER) We use Choice Voting to elect our Board of Directors We are organizing and educating on IRV anywhere we can. We strongly support Proportional Voting, and push for it when the opportunities are there. However, we are mainly focussed on IRV for now. May 2006 Steve Chessin
CalPERS Activists are pushing for CalPERS to use IRV. CalPERS staff seems interested, because they hate the runoffs, but they are concerned about implementation issues. CalPERS is a semi-governmental agency, and has a lot of issues around elections regulations, the state elections code, and the like. Never Considered. March 2008 James McRitchie
CALPIRG   Endorses? (Endorsed SB 596 and AB 1294*) Endorses?? March 2007  
Democracy for America   (Endorsed SB 596 and AB 1294)*   May 2005  
Democratic Party   Endorses No Position.   Steve Chessin
Global Exchange   (Endorsed SB 596)*   May 2005  
Green Party   Very Strongly Supports Very Strongly Supports Since at least 1996?  
Greenlining Institute   (Endorsed SB 596)*      
Latinos for America   (Has endorsed AB 1294)*   March 2007  
Libertarian Party   Endorses Endorses    
League of Calfornia Cities   (Has endorsed AB 1294*)     Rob Dickinson
League of Women Voters (LWV)   Endorses and often pushes locally No Position   Paula Lee
Libertarian Party First used in March 2008 Endorses Endorses   Edward Tessier ("edwardtlp" at
New America Foundation   Endorses (also endorses AB 1294*)      
Pacifica Radio Uses Proportional Voting for their governing boards.        
Peace and Freedom Party   Very Strongly Supports Very Strongly Supports   Dave Kadlecek
Reform Party Has used IRV in state conventions.        
Republican Party   Informally opposed. We cannot find documentation of their opposition, but we've been told they are opposed.      

* SB 596 was a bill put forward in 2005 by Senator Deborah Bowen. It proposed allowing general law cities to use a variety of electoral systems, including IRV and PV (Proportional Voting). It would also have amended the Elections Code to specify how to count IRV and PV elections. AB 1294 was a bill in 2007-2008, introduced by Assemblymembers Gene Mullin and Mark Leno, that would also give all local jurisdictions the right to use IRV and PV, and specifies common rules on how such elections shall be tallied.

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