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CfER 2020 general meeting

We don't usually record videos of our meetings,
but we did in 2020!

Better Elections are possible

In fact, they're already happening.

Some California voters are already experiencing the benefits of ranked choice voting such as reduced political polarization, less negative campaigning, and more choice

On top of that, votes matter more. Every district becomes a swing district, each vote much more important. And it eliminates the problem of gerrymandering and makes voting more representative and fairer.

Now let's make them happen everywhere.

Ranked Choice Votes Cast in CA
1 %
of CA likely voters support RCV
increase in voter turnout
RCV Elections in CA as of 2018

"Of all the political reforms we might adopt to reduce the polarization and venom in our politics, ranked-choice voting is the most promising and most achievable. ...It’s time to expand its use in California and the nation."

Easy as 1, 2, 3

California voters understand and use RCV.

It can be explained in under 2 minutes, and according to FairVote analysis, voters in California cities with RCV understood it better than they did the state’s Top-Two Primary system.

Multi-member districts

Proportional Representation

Instead of electing one representative in a small (and possibly gerrymandered) district, proportional representation uses much larger districts that elect several members at once. Combined with RCV, these districts more accurately reflect the preferences of voters.

all citizens deserve equal and satisfactory representation in government.

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