Support a Local RCV Campaign

Do you want to help spearhead electoral reform in your city or county? We’ve identified six things that you can do to help drive adoption of RCV and PR wherever you live.

Local implementation of electoral reform requires:


Compatible voting equipment

Contact your Registrar of Voters and ask if your County’s equipment supports RCV.

Campaign for an upgrade by contacting your county supervisors, your county election officials, and your local newspaper.

Ongoing voter education

Ongoing voter education on how to mark ballots and how the counting process works.


City/County Charter Enabling language

Check here to see whether your county and city are chartered. If your county or city does not yet have a charter, it can adopt a simple one to improve its elections.


Local support

Before a public campaign is attempted, it’s important to lay the foundations by spreading the word about electoral reform and making sure that key constituencies understand and support it. Visit our partner FairVote’s organizer toolkit for helpful instructions on how to get started.

AdviCe on best practices

Share best practices in the tallying and auditing of ranked-choice elections, such as prompt reporting of results.

Many CfER members can share best practices and learnings and we’re happy to help. Contact your local CfER chapter today.

Eternal vigilance

The campaign doesn’t end with a victory at the ballot box. Fuller representation regimes are always vulnerable to power grabs, as well as mistrust caused by lack of experience. Awareness and appreciation must be maintained in a community.

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