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What is the National Popular Vote Compact (“NPV”)?  

It is basically a way to work around the Electoral College.  When it becomes law in enough states in the USA, then it means our presidents will be elected by the national popular vote.  This will happen without having to change the constitution.  
How the NPV Works (Officially, it is the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact or NPVIC. But just calling it the “NPV” for short.)

What does CfER have to do with it?  

CfER endorsed the NPV many years ago.  It was adopted in California in 2011.  Because it is already law here, that is, California is a member of the NPV Compact, CfER doesn’t talk about it much.

So what’s the great news?

The Colorado House of Representatives and Senate passed the National Popular Vote on Wednesday February 20th.  The bill now goes to Governor Polis, who has publicly stated that he supports the bill.
After the bill is signed, Colorado will be the 13th jurisdiction to enact the National Popular Vote bill.  The enacting states will then have 181 electoral votes – 89 away from the 270 needed to bring the bill into effect. 

How can you help?

If you have any friends or relatives in other states, perhaps you can tell them about the National Popular Vote movement.  The web site is here: The National Popular Vote.  They also accept donations.


Soon, we will be able to tell you about a new Home Rule bill in the California Senate, introduced by Senator Ben Allen of Redondo Beach.  It will allow all jurisdictions to use RCV if they want to.  Right now, only cities that have their own charters can use RCV.  We expect this to get to the governor’s desk.  More news coming up in March!

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